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დაგვიკავშირდით ნომერზე: 557 59 65 59

ან მობრძანდით ჩვენს ოფისში, ვაკე, თაყაიშვილის #11

პროექტის აღწერა :

IBG 08 Music Festival Pegnitz (BY) 
| 01.07.-08.07. | FEST/MANU | 10 vols


AGE: 18-26 years old

PROJECT: The local association Waldstock e.V. ( promotes local youth activities in the small town of Pegnitz. The members of this association are very motivated and with a lot of personal involvement they organize projects like concerts, film festivals or soccer cups. For more than 20 years, they have been organizing the “Waldstock” festival, a so called “Umsonst und Draussen” - festival (“outside & free of charge”), which has become an important part of the cultural life in the town of Pegnitz and the region. Since 2013 the festival is supported by a small group of international Workcamp volunteers, who can enjoy the truly unique experience of becoming a part of the busy festival team.

WORK: You will help the organisers in all phases of the festival: The main tasks will be, on the first days, setting up the stage and the campground on the site of the festival, as well as the disassembly of the whole structure and surroundings on the last day. While the festival is running, the volunteers should be available to the organisation and will be ask to assist in different areas: bar, stage, organisation, catering etc. You will work closely with the local people from the association! There is a plan for the build-up of the festival, nevertheless the schedule will be adapted to the always changing logistics of the event and you are expected to be flexible, patient and work autonomously within this plan. Volunteers should be prepared to work long and unusual hours, but also have some time between their shifts, which can be used to explore the festival and enjoy the music! Speaking or understanding basic German will be a plus!

ACCOMMODATION: You will stay at the local brewery! It is a small and very basic accommodation not far from the festival site that does not provide much comfort, but a very unique charm. The final ceremony afterwards for all the helpers of the festival will also take place there. During the festival food will be provided by the food stands throughout the day.

LOCATION: Pegnitz is a small town in Franconia, Bavaria, near Nuremberg. You can find medieval and historic buildings and churches in the centre of the city. The city is known for its beers: it has a long tradition in brewery and the locals are very proud of it. The Bavarian region, in which Pegnitz is located, is called “Little Switzerland” due to its beautiful surrounding that invites extended adventures and hiking trips in the region. There are all kinds of trails and possibilities to experience the unique nature.

NEXT AIRPORT: Nuremberg, Munich, Frankfurt


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: We ask for a motivation letter to be sent with the application!